Corporate work:
Moving the mission for clients

What are the stories we tell about ourselves, our work and our organizations? 

We all want to be part of a mission. There’s no shortage of vision, unmet needs, and triumph-over-adversity in business, and the stories we choose to tell can convey dynamic purpose, engaging people in a sense of mission that helps drive essential change. We help forward the mission of innovative companies who want to create change.

Our films stand out because we truly connect with a company and its mission — we dig deep, connecting the dots with strategic thinking, then take up the cause and throw our shoulder to the wheel. We bring companies, brands and bold initiatives to life on-screen, making vital emotional connections with their employees and customers.

We demonstrate companies in action, capturing the way people work as they tackle challenges, strive for goals, and live core values. We let workers and managers on the front lines propel a story – those who do the heavy lifting, who speak with passion and act with conviction. They can be the best measure of a company.

Corporate films are not window-dressing or paint-by-number affairs – they’re tools, carefully considered and well-crafted. Corporate films deserve filmmaking expertise, cinematic sweep and yes, imagination. We do in-depth research. We craft a story. We reach deep in interviews, shape key messages, and bring teams of Emmy-winning cinematographers and Oscar-winning editors to our projects. Passion and cinematic quality are key to the toolkit.

Great Jones creates strategic, documentary-based films for corporate and educational organizations, including IBM, Merck, BASF, Time Warner, Eileen Fisher and Tyco International.

The Vanguard Forum for Healthcare Leaders
Defining & building leadership
for the future of global health care
Cystic Fibrosis | Client: Actavis / Forest Labs
Going beyond medicine
to support the patient
RTC Fellowship for World Health
Client: Merck

Employees take a sabbatical on
the front lines of global health care
Frontline employees put Quality first with a passion
Doing Business Right | Client: TYCO
Team Says No to bid-rigging, Grows Business
Feeding a New Economy
Partner: vermont farmers food center

Transforming an Abandoned Factory
into a Local Agricultural Engine