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Not a movie, but a Movement
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We make films that kick-start movements and propel social action. We strive to open eyes, spark quests and build community. We aim to restore vim & vigor in 90 minutes or less.

Our feature films & documentaries are built to last, living on in imagination and deed way beyond their running time on screen. We champion stories with strong cultural roots that resonate deeply, providing catalysts for on-going discussion, media debate and new thinking.

We revere the authentic, the two-fisted and the genuine article.

Our films are American originals.

We celebrate fiercely independent individuals in tight spots: some wrestling with who they are and the larger world around them; others striving to dig out & rise above in a search for purpose and redemption.

Our films have screened on HBO, PBS, ARTE and in theaters around the world. They’ve played bare-bulb basements, parking lots and Elks’ Lodge halls - wherever there’s opportunity to connect with an audience and open eyes anew.

We make films that make change.