Who we are — Great jones:
Making films, making change

We stand ready to tell great stories that move people and make change.

For our corporate clients, Great Jones’ story-driven films spur innovation, transformation and growth. Our films unite employees and their partners in a true sense of mission.

For the larger world, we make independent films that kick-start movements and propel social action. Our recent documentary, The Blood in this Town is being used as a tool by grassroots organizations and leaders to unify communities and drive revitalization in America's hardest-hit towns & cities.

In all, we focus on people and organizations with passion and purpose. Underdogs, pioneers and unlikely heroes get center stage.

Launched in New York City in 1991, Great Jones is driven by a dual mission:

1. To forward the mission of Fortune 500 clients with bona-fide communication tools, moving viewers to get aboard the train bound for innovation, growth & glory.

2. To fuel a funding engine for the production of independent feature films and documentaries that open eyes, spark quests and rally action for positive change.

Great Jones is the shop where art & commerce collide and no one gets hurt. It’s where strategic thinking meets cinematic sweep - a home for craft and imagination, for bold adventure and the bottom line. We actively seek these creative collisions to aid the cause.

Art Jones, President